E. About Susan James

Susan James (Writer-Publisher)

In Addition to Susan’s newest endeavor of the First Brick and
Mortar BookStore for New and Independent Writers
, she has
her own Online Susan James Bookstore as well.

The Susan James (Online Bookstore) specializes in books in paperback and
ebook formats written by Susan James as well as other well known
writers in the field emphasizing  personal development themes and
higher manifesting methods.  http://www.susanjamesbookstore.com

Among the many published forms of James authored works are books,
print and digital formats, essays/articles, electronic newsletters,
distance learning courses and consulting. Susan writes on expanded
views of Personal Development, Business and The Livelihood of
Writing. Author of The Award Winning Manifesting 101 &  Beyond,
Manifesting 102 & Beyond,  Manifesting Methods for Would Be
Millionaires, Manifest Warp Speed, 17 Seconds to Weight Loss,
and the novel, The Millionaire Maverick.

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Susan James Bio

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Coming Attractions From The Works of Susan James

Comments/Reviews Of Susan James Material

Primary Blog

Email :  susan@susanjames.org
or              susanjames13@yahoo.com

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