C. Cooperative Partnerships

Co-Operative Partnerships:

In the event that some of the Digital Printing companies,
which provide Trade paperback  books for writers, want
to become involved, here is a preliminary guideline.

Digital Trade paperback Printing Companies choosing to
help promote both their services as well as some of the
writers using their services would send some of their
authors books. The rate would be the same per book as it
is for the author.

And since they are more or less acting as an agent of the
writer, then the company is to provide other promotional
material to assist in the esthetics of the overall reason that
the this bookstore exists. To promote the independent

Any company not sending promotional material relating
to the individual authors works, would be required to pay
a higher rate for each book sent.

The primary reason the rate is higher for company sent
books versus, individual writers sending their own books,
is due to the overall intent of The Susan James New
Writers Bookstore, which is: To provide a place for New
Writers to be read, without corporate manipulation of

The Digital companies, also have the option to purchase
space for further promoting their writers and company

(Copyright Susan James / Vast Five )

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