F. FAQ and Comments

Frequently Asked Questions Or Just Plain Questions
and Comments:

These are questions that have come through this blog. I
prefer not to busy the blog with the questions showing
directly on the blog.

Any questions posted will be left nameless……and only
initials. And any questions asked on this blog, I will send
you an email letting you know, I’ve posted a reply in the
FAQ section.

Any questions that have been sent to my personal email,
which I welcome, and Im getting some great feedback;
I’ve not included them here, but may at some point if I
feel they would be helpful to mention…

In the near future,  will also add a few services by people
that I would  recommend, as Im already getting some
questions along those lines.

Thank you for your questions and comments! Love Susan.

Note: SJNWBS=Susan James / New Writers Bookstore

(JMB Comment and Question:)
In a way this sounds good & in another way it sounds like
a crazy scheme. I really do need more exposure for my
books as I’ve tried everything on the web with no results,
but I already have reviews written on both of my books so
I would be paying you mainly for the hope of my books
being on a shelf and if the bookstore never materialized I
would be out the money.

Secondly you said when the books sell you would re-order
them at full price–thus, you would not be making money
on the actual sales of the books. You can actually order
my books directly from the publishers’s website at a
discount–for $3.00 less than the suggested retail price.
Thus you can sell them at retail and make $3.00 on each
book and I will still get my royalty. Taking this into
account for projected book sales (which I know is
impossible to figure), couldn’t your up-front fee be less
that the $100.00?

(Susan Answers: )
Well, first, JMB, thank you for taking the time to
comment and ask such caring questions.

Secondly, Its not the intent of the bookstore to make
money on a per book sold basis. So we have to throw out
projected income on book sales as part of the equation.

The Primary Intent is to Stock Books by Authors who
may not otherwise have an opportunity to have their
books on a physical bookstore shelf, and then to expand

However, as you stated, you would not be interested in a
review, and if the physical location did not materialize,
you feel you would be out of your money.

It would be my suggestion to you, at this juncture, not to
become involved, at least not at this time. And then just
wait and see. I do understand where you are coming from.

I have some of my books on bookstore shelves, and I did
so without a traditional publishing contracts, as well as
my books are on library shelves…and many folks have
been able to do this. But many writers, who would want
the opportunities for spontaneous purchase by a reader,
simply don’t have that chance.

I KNOW there are many gifted, talented writers out there,
and you may one, who just want a ‘what if’ the right
person picks up my book. What if, the right person reads
my work and it leads to something else…What If…Someone
really enjoys my writing…What If?..

I  want to provide the chance.
And the way Im doing makes little sense to some.

I am building and developing this Bookstore Completely
on “What If”. And for many, that wont be ‘good enough;
for them to participate, therefore they shouldn’t.

At some point, the rates per book will go up……

Regarding your question to make the up-front fee less…

Due to my own personal time involvement per book, I
simply can’t do this for ‘less’.

(KH Asks: )
What about ebooks? Are you handling those differently?

(Susan Answers:)
Although I have my own online bookstore and do sell
ebooks from there, it is a separate operation from The
Currently, Im not including ebooks separately.

What I am doing as you will notice, in #G on this
Blog, is as books are added to the SJNWBS, I will
list the title of the book, the authors name, and the
authors website, whereby if said author has ebooks
for sale, then the reader will be directed to that
writers site and not a link attached to me in some

Meaning, I  make zippo if someone buys your ebook or
your tradepaper back book simply because they saw you
on this info site about the SWNWBS. What if..that
happened? That would be Great as well.

(From FH)
Dear Susan James
I’d love to be associated with you. I’ve just finished (?)
my web site and am finally reviewing some books before

I’d very much appreciate using your services. Let’s stay in
touch Regards. FH

(More as they show!)

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