A. Guidelines For Writers Sending Books

Guidelines for Independent Authors Choosing To Send
Their Book(s) to Susan James:

1. First, writers would have to have minimally gone
through the process of having an ISBN number and their
book printed in trade paperback form.

I don’t care what’s in it, or if it’s been well edited or not.
The writer  needs to have committed to it that much, on
their end.

2. The writer sends me their Trade Paperback book and

3. Susan James begins developing first with online
support, then expanding inventory, the first of many Brick
and Mortar, Susan James/New Writers Bookstores.

The first of this development will be in online reviews
of the writers submitted trade paperback book. (Amazon/

4. There are NO Traditional Publisher books, in this
bookstore. NONE.

5. Now, IF and When And Until SJ is able  to build the
brick and mortar bookstores..and there is NO guarantee to
the writer that Susan James will build these stores….What
do they get for their $100.00. And why in the heck would
they send $100.00 to stock their book, when in the
beginning, there is NO brick and mortar store, but simply
a warehouse housing their books?

This is The Heck Why….

5a. For each book they send me, I will do an Amazon
review on the book, as well as a B&N review for as long
as these two entities allow reviews to be posted.

5b. The fact, that anyone who reads my writing, takes
my courses, buys/or shares my books, knows, is that I
only say good, constructive things about anything and
everything. I understand how things work. I won’t do
anything or say anything that would negate all that I know
about how things really work, nor would I do that to
anyone else.

So in essence, are people sending me their $100.00 and
their book, for me to write a good review of their book?
Well, Yes..Assuming this is the least that would happen.
You the writer, would simply have to choose if this was
worth it or not. If it does not feel correct and good for you,
then please don’t even think about doing it.

Secondly,,, The Heck Why..

Writers  are helping me to build my physical inventory for
new writers. They are helping me to expand The Susan
James Bookstore Operations, as well as The always
expanding of The Susan James Brand. Which is of great
value to me and my own personal and livelihood

It will all simply expand from there.

(Copyright Susan James / Vast Five )

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  1. This is very good, Susan. I desire to write a book and you are providing an option for a great partnership. Thanks so much! I pray that it will grow into all that you vision it to be. I am visioning this with you.


    Tirra Hargrow

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