The First Brick & Mortar BookStore For New And Independent Writers

The Overall Intention of  And The 4 Phases of:

The Susan James / New Writers BookStore
(Where New Writers Are Read)

The First Brick and Mortar Bookstore for New and
Independent Writers

To fill the gap that exists with all the new ways and means
writers/authors can write and produce their own books,
but don’t have a way to get them noticed, much less on
brick and mortar bookstore shelves.

To provide a place and venue where many of these new
beginning writers, may not have the money or resources to
have their books properly edited but still have the desire
to have their book out there, somewhere. (I’ve been there
so I understand.) Nor do they have the ways and means,
nor interest in self-promotion.

What this so far has meant, is that Writers have a book
available, and due to newer digital technologies, the writer
or any publisher for that matter, no longer need to print
thousands of copies in a single printing, which in the past
was cost prohibitive for many new writers.

Writers/Authors, and both Independent and Traditional
Publishers can print one copy or many at a time as
influenced by demand.

However, as wonderful as this is, many writers don’t have
an outlet to send their book to, for any level of  offline,
complimented by online recognition.

It is the further intent of The Susan James / New Writers

To assist Writers  who need help to get their books at least
somewhere, and To provide to Readers the vast pool of
wonderful wisdom, entertainment, intrigue, and fantasy
that has not been promoted via Traditional Publishing

Enter a New Wave Of Authors Presented Through The
First Brick and Mortar Bookstore for New and
Independent Writers:

The Method of Operations:
Phase I, Phase II, Phase III, Phase IV

The Susan James / New Writers Bookstore…
(Where New Writers Are Read)

The First Brick and Mortar Bookstore for New and
Independent Writers:

Phase I: Writers w/non-traditional publishing contracts
send SJ $100.00 and one of their Trade Paperback books,
which  in-turn SJ writes a review and posts it  on
Amazon/B&N sites. With the intent to move into Phase II
as soon as possible and as soon as the inventory calls for

Phase II:
SJ takes all books that have been received, and
develop a physical-brick and mortar Susan James/New
Writers Bookstore, whereby only independent writers
books are offered for sale.

Phase III: The Susan James/New Writers Bookstore is
offered out in licensing and franchises across the U.S. and
The World.

Phase IV: Develop Partnerships with Digital Publishing
Company Providers, Seeking Space to Further Assist
Their Independent Writers in Recognition Of Their

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Susan James…
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