B. What Happens When Your Book Sells?

This Happens When Your Book Sells:

Scenario if The Writer sends me their book and $100.00,
what happens when I sell that book from my physical

When your book sells, I will then re-order your book to
re-stock my bookstore.

I will re-order it through one of the online booksellers
paying full price, whereby where ever your royalty is paid
through, and numbers charted will then give you credit in
your world. Or if you prefer, I can re-order from you
directly, full retail, if you have them in stock.

I will then break even on that particular book when it
again sells from the bookstore shelves.

In regards to book inventory. No further profit, on that
specific book, per this example. But YOUR book is still
on the shelf awaiting a new reader of your material.
It’s a bookstore…It has to have Books In It.

This also may encourage you to keep writing which then
you may send me your newest book!

What if the writer wants to send more than one copy
of his or her book? How much is that?

$100.00 for the first copy. $50.00 for each additional
copy of the same book. If you send 3 copies of the
same book, then the total cost is $200.00

If you have 3 books out and want all 3 on the SJ shelves
then the total would be 300. (For each Separate Title its
$100.00 per Book.)

Susan James  will let you know when your book sells
form the physical bookstore shelf, just because I know it
would feel good, for you to know that your book sold.

I make the full amount back on the book when it sells,
which means I’ll promote the bookstore, so that I sell
the inventory. Which means, people will see your book.

If Susan James no longer makes money on a book in
inventory, and since a good business model is about
making a profit, on top of keeping the doors open and
employees happy, how does this fit into the over picture?

Where does MORE money flow from and Why?

A. The well of new writers sending new books never runs

B. Susan James has her own income producing streams
that fit into the overall offerings of the bookstore. Susan
James has her own books, with many more on the
horizon, as well as course material.

This in addition to many ideas from others that have not
yet surfaced but I know ‘will’. The unknown is a very
good friend of mine!

As time moves on……I’ll hire book reviewers, who have
an appreciation of higher mechanics and exhibit those
characteristics, I will feel good enough about them to put
my name on it.

What else is in it for the writer?

They are getting some level of exposure, while
anticipating MORE..

Any other promotion that the writer does on their own, of
course also enhances their visibility.

This initial relationship is between the author/writer and
The Susan James / New Writers Bookstore.

(Copyright Susan James / Vast Five )

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